University Sports Program

With 100% success rate and almost 23 years in the game, USP continues to be a class above in college recruiting.

do we do it

Our success, compared to other recruiting programs, is due to a number of important factors. For a start, mass-market recruiters have a passive, one-size-fits-all approach that is random and ineffective.

These "solutions" have you creating an online profile and then spamming college coaches in the hope that you'll get noticed. Even if your email gets read, coaches are overwhelmed by these emails and the chances of making an impression are slim.

At USP we get personal.

We get to know you, your specific abilities, and your college objectives. Then we work with you to identify the ideal colleges and use our extensive connections to introduce you to coaches from those schools.

The process

Our students go through a personal assessment and evaluation session that will not only help determine their actual and potential competitive level, it will also reveal their personal and academic goals. Our placements take all three aspects into consideration.

Our program is designed to meet each student's unique needs. We take in account their academic and athletic profile, personal interests, family financial requirements, college entrance term, among many other criteria.

The result is not just securing a placement at a great college or university, it is laying the groundwork for a successful life after studies.

A history of success

We don't just talk a good game. We back it up with results. Since 1995, over 1500 students have used USP to get placed into prestigious colleges across the USA. We have never worked with a student and not been able to get them a placement.

With connections to over 3000 colleges, USP has the strongest and most comprehensive coach-agency relationships in the business.

The USP Advisory Staff is made up of former coaches from top colleges. They don't just contribute to our services, they work one-on-one with our students to offer unprecedented insights and guidance.

When you choose to join our college placement program, you're choosing to access the greatest expertise and network imaginable.

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