We offer the best resources, guidance, and connections for student athletes to get into the best colleges.

It is our specialty to represent and assist competitive student & athletes looking to attend college, be recruited and receive athletic and/or academic scholarships.

We are very proud that our success rate has been 100%, and that since 1995 over 1400 USP clients have been successfully placed in prestigious colleges across the USA.

Our expertise, knowledge and networking power with over 2000 colleges has also been a large part of our success.

Any student & athlete interested in working with USP must first go through a personal assessment and evaluation session that will help us determine their athletic competitive level, as well as to learn more about their personal and academic goals.

USP's range of College Placement services are ideal for:

  • Educating students and parents to better understand all aspects of College Sports and Athletic Recruiting.
  • Developing a comprehensive and effective College Planner that includes all academic and athletic criteria for the recruitment process.
  • Receiving one-on-one guidance and insights from the USP Advisory Staff of former college coaches.
  • Complying with Academic and Amateur Eligibility requirements for all college athletic associations and divisions.
  • Researching and building the best College List to match the specific profile and needs of the student.
  • Developing and executing effective presentation and communication strategies with college coaches.
  • Increasing the opportunities of receiving Athletic and/or Academic Scholarships, as well as many other financial aid opportunities.
  • Planning and coordinating attendance to the best recruiting events such as showcases, tournaments, and try outs, as well as college visits.
  • Assisting students throughout the entire college application and admissions process.

USP Advisory Staff

We have selected the most reputable former college coaches who work one on one with each USP client. With their coaching experience at top universities such as Auburn, Miami, Tulane, Arizona among others, our advisors will provide our clients a valuable and effective approach towards their recruiting.

Coah Terri Sisk

Mario Rincon

University of Miami
Former Head Tennis Coach

Coah Terri Sisk

Frank Bradley

Florida State University
Former Head Swimming Coach

Coah Terri Sisk

Greg Patton

Boise State
Former Head Tennis Coach

Coah Terri Sisk

Terri Sisk

Former Head Tennis Coach

Coah Terri Sisk

Eric Shore

Former Head Tennis Coach

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